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Zylo are the leading innovators within the pipe boxing and pipe casing industry, supplying patented and design registered products that cannot be obtained elsewhere.

With a massive range of sizes and configurations to choose from, there is always a suitable encasement product available from our vast range of pipe casings and pipe boxing.
  • Square or round corners
  • Standard 9mm thick section for strength
  • More sizes than any other manufacturer
  • Suitable for Bathrooms and Kitchens
  • Small radius consistent for all sizes
  • Unique bracket support system
  • Custom sizes available
  • All materials responsibly sourced
  • Designed and manufactured in Britain
  • Supplying trade direct for over 25 years
  • Pipe Casing
    Pipe Casing Configurations
    Our patented radius corner pipe casings are available in four profile shapes and two finishes, with a small 7mm radius and a consistent rigid 9mm core throughout the range.
    Pipe Boxing
    Pipe Boxing
    Zylo square cornered pipe boxings are available in two or three sided configurations and are made with a rigid 9mm core and a seamless water resistant outer finish as standard.
    Zylo Lite
    Skirting Casing
    Zylo skirting casings are made to conceal small bore pipework, electrical or communications cabling in a hollow casing that outwardly has the appearance of a skirting board.
    Boiler Casings
    Boiler Casing Image
    Zylo boiler casings are designed to encase boiler pipework and flues. Available in standard sizes to suit most modern boilers. A further custom range ensures a suitable size for all circumstances.
    Support Brackets
    Zylo Brackets Image
    Our engineered support brackets are lightweight, easy to fix and are bent to a precise angle to take up less space within the casing. They will not warp or split.
    We have the widest range of fittings and accessories available including inside corners, reverse angle inside corners, outside corners, cover strips and stop ends.