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Zylo preformed pipe casings and pipe boxing are a patented product used to conceal pipes, ductwork, boilers and electrical services in an elegant, cost effective manner.


• Square or round corners

• 9mm thick section for strength

• More sizes than any other manufacturer

Suitable for Bathrooms and Kitchens

• Small radius consistent for all sizes

• Unique bracket support system

• Custom sizes available

• All materials responsibly sourced

• Designed and manufactured in Britain

• Supplying trade direct for over 25 years

pipe casing price match

Don’t know where to start? Our Product Info page outlines the differences between our pipe casings and pipe boxing profiles, helping you find the product you need.

a zylo bracket being held up by a hand.
Goodbye timber battens!
Our new support brackets will not warp or split, they take up less space within the casing, use much shorter screws and make installation much easier.
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