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Zylo pipe boxing and pipe casings are available with the widest range of accessories to enable rapid installation and a professional finish.

Our exclusive inside corner systems emcompass both Standard Inside Corners for conventional horizontal runs and Reverse Angle Inside Corners for vertical to horizontal runs. The Reverse Angle Inside Corners allow for a seamless change of direction without any adjustment to the profile size.

Zylo cover strips are unique as they are formed from our low profile aluminium extrusions which are powder coated white to match our range of radius corner casings. They provide a precision fit between the pipe casing sections and associated fittings and can be easily tapped on to the appropriate profile in seconds.

Stop Ends provide robust edge protection in a vunerable area (i.e. mid room). The Stop Ends also incorporate a cover strip to enable rapid installation.
Pipe Boxing and Pipe Casing Accessories
Pipe Boxing Fittings

Inside Corners
Uniquely, we provide two types of inside corner. The standard inside corner is for conventional horizontal or skirting level applications whereas the reverse angle option allows a neat transition from vertical drops to horizontal runs. A cover strip is recommended at each side of the fitting.

Outside Corners
Proprietary outside corners are available for most profile sections that we produce. A cover strip should be fitted to the joint either side of the corner section.

Cover Strips
Zylo cover strips are formed from a low profile aluminium extrusion which is shaped and powder coated for a perfectly engineered fit between sections and fittings. The cover strips are designed for easy installation by simply tapping tightly onto the side of one section and overlapping the other.

Stop Ends
Zylo stop ends are supplied in both left and right handed versions and incorporate our precision extruded aluminium cover strips enabling a rapid installation using the same simple tap on system as the cover strips. The stop ends provide a robust hard edge to the pipe casing or boxing to resist damage and scuffing.