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Boiler Casings

Zylo Boiler Pipework Casings are designed to encase boiler pipework and flues. The boiler casings are manufactured in three standard widths to suit most modern heating boilers or three custom configurations.

The design features square corners with a sponge seal at the base which effectively prevents both water ingress and the boiler casing from sliding around on the work surface in free standing applications. Zylo boiler casings are manufactured and supplied in one piece with no external joints. The finish is semi matt white which is suitable for painting, wallpapering or tiling to match your chosen decor.

Custom models can be used for many other applications as square corners allow covings, upstands, skirtings and decoration to be applied to make the installation an integral part of the structure.
Boiler Casing Photos
Standard Range
Boiler Casing Standard Range
Custom Range
Boiler Casing Custom Range