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Pipe Casings

Zylo pipe casings are available direct from our West Yorkshire factory in standard lengths from four profile shapes, two seamless finishes (white standard and white gloss) and a huge range of sizes.

The Zylo pipe casing system uses a consistent design, construction, finish, thickness of material and external radius throughout the range allowing a uniform appearance whether it be a small skirting section or a large services duct. All profiles are suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications.

With more than 150 different standard sizes to choose from, there is usually a suitable size available for your pipe encasement application.

A comprehensive range of fittings compliment the product range, including external corners, inside corners, reverse angle inside corners, stop ends and cover strips.
Pipe Casing L Profile Image
Our prices are consistently lower than like for like products available online. Email your enquiry to sales@pipecasings.co.uk
L Profile
Pipe Casing L Profile
R Profile
Zylo R Profile Pipe Casings
U Profile
U Profile Pipe Casing
C Profile
Zylo C Profile Pipe Casings