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Zylo Lite pipe and cable skirting is a complete system for enclosing small bore pipework or cabling in social housing and flat refurbishment schemes.

The pipe and cable skirting casings have a 6mm wall thickness that can be effectively mitred to form corners and offsets using conventional woodworking techniques or using our factory made fittings.

The finish is a smooth, white, seamless semi matt outer coating which is also paintable if required. The product accepts a top coat directly to the surface with minimum preparation.

Larger sizes can be sourced from our 9mm pipe casing and pipe boxing range which are an exact match in terms of external appearance, radius and finish.
Skirting Casing Images
Cable Skirting Casing L Lite
Pipe Skirting Casing
Skirting and Cable Casing BX Lite Range
Cable and Skirting Casing - BX3 Lite